Speech, Physical, Occupational Therapy in St. Cloud

SPOT Rehabilitation & Home Health Care provides professional, caring support to adults who need occupational, physical, or speech therapy. We also provide programs for seniors as well as industrial and ergonomic services for strains or injuries due to overuse of joints or activities that the body isn’t used to.

Our occupational therapy services empower adults to develop skills to reliably perform necessary daily functions whether through overcoming a disability or learning new methods of performing tasks.

Physical therapy is dedicated to restoring your motor functions after an injury, disease, or disorder. This can be accomplished in many ways. Common methods of physical therapy include learning body awareness, pain reduction and home exercise techniques.

Having difficulty communicating with those around you can be frustrating. Speech therapy can help adults overcome a variety of problems and can be used to learn new ways or re-learn old ways of communicating with the world.

  • Occupational therapy for adults
  • Physical therapy for adults
  • Speech therapy for adults
  • Industrial and ergonomic services