Speech, Physical, Occupational Therapy in St. Cloud

SPOT Services

SPOT Services

Speech , Physical and Occupational Therapy

SPOT Rehabilitation and Home Health Care provides professional, caring therapy at our rejuventation center in St. Cloud, MN. Some indications for outpatient therapies are acute or chronic pain, medical conditions, stroke, fractures, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis. However the reason for therapy does not have to be a specific medical condition. Other situations that would trigger therapy intervention include any loss of function or loss of ability to perform daily tasks. All the therapies place a strong emphasis on individual home programs to maximize the gains made in clinic treatment.

Speech and Language Pathologists deal with language and articulation disorders, stuttering. Swallowing challenges are another area addressed in speech. The goal of therapy is to help regain or develop the skills needed to communicate. In some situations, communication devices may be indicated.

Physical Therapists may address balance, weakness, pain, orthopedic and neurologic issues, incontinence diagnoses. Treatments may include kinesio taping, myofascial release, strengthening and coordination programs. Mobility is a core consideration. For some clients, aquatic therapy is indicated.

Occupational Therapy also treats the diagnoses that are included in the PT description and work to develop and restore skill to aid in completing daily tasks of living. Programs may focus on increasing strength and endurance to complete these tasks. Joint protection techniques are integrated to prevent further damage in arthritis. OTs also deal with cognitive and memory issues evaluating level of loss and developing strategies for client and family to deal with this.