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I was injured almost 20 years ago. Since then I've dealt with daily pain. With almost yearly visits to my orthopedic surgeon knowing I was getting closer to a replacement. (The) pain was not improving, I decided to go see OT, as I've tried all therapies, nothing worked.

After my first visit, I saw a huge change in (my) pain level and mobility. I went from almost a 6 inch difference in shoulder height to barely notably no pain. Lynn has a very sweet bedside manner. She knows her people and what they need. She is my little "angel and miracle". Without her I would've already had a replacement.

My only complaint is that I can't clone her and carry her around with me


I was so happy with the services that Spot provided for my father when he was ill! Your staff was awesome! They were kind, friendly and very patient. The RN was excellent, she called me after almost every visit to keep me in the loop and always whenever she had any concerns. My mom really grew to rely on and genuinely like everyone that came to the house. I believe she developed some friendships that will continue on even after my fathers death. Your staff really care about the patient and their families and it shows!
I will always give glowing referrals for Spot and no doubt will be calling on you again when my mom needs help someday.

Thank you again,

Laurie Oppel

A recent client's family member noted that they have been bringing their children to SPOT for Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy in the clinic. "I really appreciate that school and SPOT therapists communicate back and forth with one another so everyone involved is on the same page in the best interest of the client". "Whenever therapists are made aware there might be a gap where work is needed, they all work closely together to close the gap."
The family noted that they would recommend SPOT. They see the staff dedication to the clients. "Our oldest jumped 3 FEET!" "For a 6 year old who couldn't jump at all with both feet until she was 5 1/2, this is a great accomplishment and it is awesome to see her so proud."
"Our youngest has been experiencing some medical concerns while at SPOT and staff do not hesitate to "jump right in" and assist during and after any medical status changes."
"SPOT staff have witnessed a variety of diagnosis, growth, success and failures and they are still here each week, helping my kids overcome obstacles and strive for a successful future. I give SPOT the highest rating allowable and know that I have people with knowledge and experience that I can trust helping guide my family through a difficult process."
"Thank you to each and every staff member that makes this possible."

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