Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Provides expertise and interventions for difficulties with swallowing and communication. (Addition) there may be challenges with choking and need for changes in food textures. In addition, the SLP may identify need for augmentative communication devices and procure devices .

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy addresses treatment techniques to promote the ability to move , balance, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability. Home Health PT promotes safety in home in order to prevent falls. (addition): Transfer techniques for bed and toilet transfers are a key element. The ability to use a walker and /or wheel chair in the home is also important.PTs may also address incontinence issues by implementing programs to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Occupational Therapy addresses the skills needed to complete the activities of daily living. Treatment may be focused on therapeutic exercises, ADL retraining, pain management, medical equipment needs, wheel chair positioning, home safety and accessibility (addition): there may be recommendations for energy conservation techniques. OTs also have expertise in memory loss and dementia and can do assessments to determine losses and recommend strategies to compensate for memory loss/dementia challenges.