Neurological Specialists

ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)/LOU GEHRIGS DISEASE

Physical Therapy:

  1. Maintain flexibility
  2. Provide instruction of assistive devices, bracing, or other mobility aids to assist with independence
  3.  Family education/training regarding bed mobility, bed/wheelchair/car transfers including progression of need for mechanical devices.


Occupational Therapy:

  1. Provide education regarding adaptive equipment to assist with ease and independence with self-cares.
  2. Assist with wheelchair/bed positioning and equipment through vendors and/or ALS foundation
  3. Maintain upper body ROM to prevent pain with self-cares and mobility.
  4. Maintain self-care independence as long as possible with use of adaptive equipment
  5. In home assessment for promoting safety and independence, including recommendations for home modifications.
  6.  Relaxation/Stress management techniques

Speech Therapy:

  1. Provide strategies to improve speech intelligibility, breath support and voice quality when speaking.
  2. Provide strategies to maintain safety swallowing during mealtimes.
  3. Provide communication device fitting when verbal communication is not possible.