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  • “The staff at SPOT are amazing. They are definitely “something to write home about” as the saying goes. My physical/occupational therapist focuses all of her treatments on how I’m am on that given day and tailors to my immediate need or pain area. She also invests in who I am as a person. Also, The Woman at the front desk is consistently kind, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in how I am doing each time that I arrive. Today she asked me how I was and given my morning, I began to cry. She asked me if I would like a hug and in an appropriate and empathetic manner, she provided support that I didn’t even know I needed. Businesses with employees who genuinely care about the person and not just the treatment or checking a box or meeting a measure, is RARE. SPOT is not a cookie cutter place, it’s much more than that….Much much more.”

                   “Kelly and Kirsten have been very helpful… their knowledge has been invaluable. They treat us with so much kindness and respect”                 

                  “Tim, PT, displayed a friendly spirit that I really liked and looked forward to his visits. The nurse…Haley Valley, what a wonderful person who brought such a positive spirit to our home with every visit.”

                 Always on time.  Tim was outstanding in helping me get better 2x/week.  I was in a lot of pain…”

                 “She was very friendly and always made me feel at ease and told me everything I wanted to know”

                 “Mary in scheduling was very good.  Jenny and Christine were very understanding and helpful.”

                  “Hope to use again in December”

                  “I would like to say that all the PT/Therapists were exceptional and great”

                  “Very pleased, friendly and helpful”

                  We finally found a place for some hope.” (VISION THERAPY per Lynn and Carissa)

                  “Therapist was dedicated and took great interest in me to be sure my therapy fit my needs”

                  “Each one was a joy to work with and was top-notch care”

                  “My health care provider was very patient and encouraging and helpful”

                  “I felt listened to”

SERVING the surrounding ST. CLOUD area for over 30 YEARS

SPOT Rehabilitation & Home Health Care in St. Cloud, MN, offers certified care and support for rehabilitation clients of all ages. SPOT has been in business since 1989. Our mission has always been community and home-based dynamic rehabilitation for our clients.