Neurological Specialists

Muscular Sclerosis

Physical Therapy

  1. Core strengthening, and education/training to optimize quality of gait with least restrictive device needed.
  2.  Tone inhibition techniques and management with home programming
  3. Balance and neuro re-education to improve mobility, posture, and fall prevention.

Occupational Therapy:

  1. Increase and/or prevent upper body range of motion and strength declines.
  2. Wheelchair/bed positioning evaluation and equipment needs.
  3. Cognitive assessment—remediation/compensatory techniques with caregiver training.
  4. Improve ease and independence with self cares/homemaking tasks with adaptive equipment as needed.
  5.  In-home assessment for promoting safety and independence, including recommendations for home modifications.

Speech Therapy:

  1. Provide exercises to improve oral motor strengthening for speech and swallowing.
  2. Provide strategies to improve speech intelligibility, breath support and voice quality when speaking.
  3. Provide strategies to maintain safety swallowing during mealtimes.
  4. Provide communication device fitting when verbal communication is not possible.