Scrub Free Shower and Tub Cleaners

I don’t know about you, but scrubbing tubs and shower doors is one of the hardest things on my hands, not to mention twisting or bending. You can buy commercial foaming bath cleaners but I find those to be very noxious to breathe in the house. Many other people have found a regular swipe with a good quality squeegee after a shower is excellent maintenance and relatively easy. The Everyday Cheapskate website with Mary Hunt has the best solutions I’ve [...]


Laundry Safety in a Multi-Level Home

How to get laundry up and down stairs without falling Carrying laundry up and down steps is a top cause  of  falls in the home. If you’re recovering from a surgery or have a weak joint, it’s even tougher to carry a laundry basket safely on the  steps. Retired occupational therapist Barbara D. came up with this mesh “bag drag” tip due to arthritis in her hips. Use a separate mesh bag for clean and dirty laundry, while holding on to [...]