Laundry Safety in a Multi-Level Home

How to get laundry up and down stairs without falling

Carrying laundry up and down steps is a top cause  of  falls in the home. If you’re recovering from a surgery or have a weak joint, it’s even tougher to carry a laundry basket safely on the  steps.

Retired occupational therapist Barbara D. came up with this mesh “bag drag” tip due to arthritis in her hips. Use a separate mesh bag for clean and dirty laundry, while holding on to the railing. Voila!

Safety tip of the day: Wearing multi-focal glasses on the steps may distort your vision and throw off your balance. Hold the railing and adjust your glasses so you can see your feet.

Update: Contributor Ellen shared how a relative fell on the stairs after getting a new pair of tri-focals. In some cases, you may want to put your glasses up on your head especially when going down stairs.

Another option: consider installing a stackable washer and dryer on your main level.


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