Wool Dryer Balls for Tender Points

Our good friend and fellow Occupational Therapist, Mary Beth King has a blog site that she has agree to kindly share with SPOT Rehab and Home Care.  May you receive success and happiness in your body when minor aches and pain are evident.

Always consult your Dr, Occupational or Physical Therapist before trying a new exercise program! And remember that “pain is not gain”! If something hurts, stop or do less next time.

I have tried many of the current exercise programs using back rollers or tennis ball to release sore or tender points. The next day, I always seemed to be more sore. So today, when I was finishing folding my laundry, one of these nice sized dryer balls fell out and gave me the idea to try it for tender point therapy. I like the results and don’t hurt afterwards.
I credit an occupational therapist years ago, who advised me to do a similar exercise with a slightly larger ball. By leaning in to the wall, you can control the pressure. I can also combine this with a gentle knee bend to also work my core. With the wall’s stability, this doesn’t hurt my knees. Every body is different and stay attuned to what works best for you.

tender point therapy against a wall allows for gentle pressure.
Who knew that wool dryer balls would work for other things than laundry?
Gentle back release also works the core. Hold for a count of 10 and release. Go easy the first day and if you don’t hurt the following day, you have a good starting point

Here’s hoping these ideas help you do more and hurt less! For more exercise ideas for tender bodies, see

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