Scrub Free Shower and Tub Cleaners

I don’t know about you, but scrubbing tubs and shower doors is one of the hardest things on my hands, not to mention twisting or bending. You can buy commercial foaming bath cleaners but I find those to be very noxious to breathe in the house. Many other people have found a regular swipe with a good quality squeegee after a shower is excellent maintenance and relatively easy.

The Everyday Cheapskate website with Mary Hunt has the best solutions I’ve found for spray and leave on solutions for daily or heavy duty use. For the heavy duty Dawn and vinegar formula, I found the commercial spray bottles at the home improvement store worked the best. Leave the solution for a few hours and rinse off. The recipe for daily cleaner (see link below) doesn’t even have to wiped off which is a real hand saver.

A light wipe with a magic clean eraser helped loosen any areas that needed a touch up, especially my glass shower doors.

Additional hint: install a detachable shower head for easier cleaning of the shower by rinsing off solution. This is also important for independent showering as we age or after a surgery. Detachable shower heads are reasonably priced and easy to install without calling a plumber.


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